Why are so many people leaving Thailand for Sydney?

Why are so many people leaving Thailand for Sydney?

Has Thailand become a lost paradise?

After making Phuket home for the past two years, I decided to leave because it is overcrowded — and losing its appeal. I decided to give Sydney, Australia a try for working remotely.

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The Sydney Harbor

Key facts:

⦿ As of 2021, there were 83,450 Thai-born immigrants in Australia, making Thais the 22nd largest migrant population in Sydney.

⦿ Sydney is known for being an expensive city to live in, and in 2022 it was ranked as one of the ten most expensive cities in the world.

⦿ Australia has been facing a labor shortage in recent years, with the country having the second-biggest labor shortage in the world.

⦿ The annual minimum wage in Australia is $31,771, which is significantly higher than the minimum wage in Thailand, which is $3,220.

84,000 Thai-born people live in Australia

⦿ In terms of social mobility, Australia ranks 16th in the world, while Thailand ranks 55th. This means it is easier for people to move up the social ladder in Australia than in Thailand.

⦿ In 2019, Sydney was rated as the third-best city in the world on the Livability Index.

Australia’s largest city, Sydney, has been an attractive destination for people all around the world. Among them is Punch, a Thai native who has been living in Sydney for the past five years.


For this video, Punch introduces us to the city, giving insider tips and visiting the local attractions.


Punch’s decision to move to Sydney was motivated by her desire for a better quality of life, a balanced work-life, and better opportunities. She found that living in Sydney was much more enjoyable and offered her more freedom to pursue her goals.


For Philip, his experience in Phuket, Thailand, became less enjoyable after the pandemic — the island transformed from paradise to too crowded and congested, and it no longer offers the same level of enjoyment as before. Sydney draws people to enjoy holiday visas and its multicultural population, and opportunities.

Punch explained to Philip that many people from Thailand are now moving to Sydney because they have better opportunities here. Punch believes that living in Sydney has given her a better work-life balance, more freedom to pursue her goals, and more opportunities to succeed.


00:01 Arriving Sydney and intro to Punch
00:38 Why did I leave Phuket?
01:15 Catching a flight to Australia
01:30 Central Station Sydney
02:22 Pylon Lookout
03:00 Sydney Harbor
03:24 Museum of Contemporary Art
03:45 Messina Gelato
04:17 Sydney Livability Index
04:34 Minimum Wage Comparison
04:55 Why does Punch prefer Sydney more than Bangkok?
05:35 OECD Labor Shortage Rank
06:20 Sydney Opera House
06:35 Manly Beach
06:49 Super Emoji
07:00 Punch completes Shin-Chan set
09:40 Sydney ranks 8th as a top beer city
10:30 Punch’s favorite side trips: Watson Bay and La Perouse
11:20 Punch’s workplace: Sushi e
12:17 Sydney’s Opal card and public transportation
13:00 Sydney’s public transit score
13:27 Thai demographics in Australia
13:40 Wage comparison
14:08 Thai Town
15:30 Sydney ranks top 10 most expensive city in the world
15:40 Punch’s rent is $2,000 USD monthly
16:00 Punch’s story
17:35 Satang Thai restaurant
19:20 Final thoughts on working remotely from Sydney
22:30 Street interviews “How is Sydney?”

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